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Flutter and React Native Mobile App Development

We have some of the finest flutter developers on board who are thoroughly proficient in the dynamics of this language. They have studied the framework in detail and are well versed in the nuances of leveraging the most out of it. We are aware of some of the key advantages which flutter has to offer and let us talk about it.
If you too are on the lookout for the best React Native developers; look no further. We are one of the top mobile app development companies that have been using the React Native platform successfully and have helped our clients make some of the smartest apps.


Suitors is an online dating platform for all races, religions, sex and occupations to find true love and their potential suitor.

Our mission is to give dating a new meaning.

By giving dating a new meaning, Suitors App provides a lot of exciting features and we can proudly say Suitor App has the best features you can ever find on a dating platform globally.

What are you waiting for? Find Your Suitor now in just one Click.

Mother Bear

Mother Bear, the app referred to as “Tinder for moms” because it connects mothers by letting them swipe each other’s profiles, is launching a new community discussion feature called ‘Mother Bear Pages’.

Mother Bear Pages is meant to give mothers a better alternative to Facebook Groups, Quora and other social platforms. Many Facebook users default to its groups, while people who hate Facebook can find communities on Reddit, Quora and other platforms. Co-workers have private Slack channels and neighbors can arrange playdates or find babysitters on Nextdoor. So how will Mother Bear Pages stand out from the fray? “I think that is exactly the issue,”. “Social has become so broad. The landscape is so fragmented. All of that incredible resource, knowledge, sharing, is being lost, or is not accessible by all women, because there is no one central repository.” Mother Bear wants to give women who have different interests, identities and parenting styles their own platform instead of lumping them into the same category.

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OnSpotMe app is a social app allowing user to broadcast anything to people who are online in 1 mile radius. The app has a map based view to see who is online, users can broadcast things like yard sale, emergency help or any party related message and everyone in 1 mile radius will receive the broadcast, if you are near by and want to respond. Responding user can chat with the broadcasting user and decide to meet.

CaliKidsMap User & Provider

CaliKidsMap user app allows users to find kids nanny’s, day care, events, entertainers, pre-schools and other kids services in your neighbourhood. You can select any provider from an interactive map and book the provider.

CaliKidsMap revolutionizes how parents search service providers for their kids. Be it day care, pre-school, medical services or entertainment. Check out providers from wide range of categories nearby. Book after checking the reviews and pay via app.

Register for your account and enjoy the benefits.

App features:

– Easy booking through the app

– Access to neighborhood providers including nanny’s, day care, pre-school, kids medical , entertainers etc

– Review the providers

– Pay through Square


ConcertBuddy is an app for music lovers. Any music lover can look for matches near by and swipe left for no and right if you like the person. Swipe up to Power swipe a match and undo to look at the past match. Each user can add their top artists, bands and all time favorites to their lists and based on that you and your match get a overall rating. The more the matches the higher the percentage of your match. Users can also see events for their favorite artist/bands if they are performing near by.

Freemium model allows your to do one powerswipe and 50 swipe per day. You can only look in your home town with the freemium membership. Ads will be shown for free members.
For ConcertBuddy Plus membership you can do unlimited swipes every day and 5 powerswipes. You can view the events matches and compatibility rating in the Plus membership. And best no ads for plus members.

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EduSupport Virtual Classroom App is a digital classroom that helps the teacher manage communication with students anywhere and anytime. It is an online Educational tool used by teachers, students and parents globally for viewing and setting homework, quiz and spelling bee.
EduSupport Virtual Classroom App is suitable for all learning situations, such as conventional schools, distant learning, religious and vocational institutes etc. Once your organization has signed up and classes created, you can invite students to join a class and use the App to access all your classes, manage homework, quiz and spelling bee on the go.
EduSupport Virtual Classroom App is designed to motivate and inspire students to commit to learning activities. Users also have easy access to educational game apps

When you decide to use Flutter, the coding jargons are sure to simplify. As it makes use of Dart, which is an object-oriented and strongly typed language, the programming style turns to be reactive and declarative. This means that you won’t need a separate JavaScript bridge. This also aids in improved performance and quicker start-up time as well.When you decide to choose React Native platform, the overall task gets easy. Recompiling the app looks like a cakewalk even when you are looking to have it on different platforms. Even when there is a change of staff, the interface is so neat that one can easily understand the code flow.