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About the project

Fitness Bite is a wholesome fitness app built on flutter to give suggestions on a diet plan like suggesting food item based on your calories recommendation. If you feel any joints pain, then this app will give exercise.
It gives recipes for different foods and also suggest different videos for exercises. With the help of the daily reports, you can track your food consumes and apart from that, you can able to track water resources. Also, you are update logs and keep track for your ultimate goals.
You get advice from our nutrition experts and exercise experts regarding your queries via chat support.
We remind you to drink water at your time at your convenience.


  • Health and Fitness


  • USA


There was a gap in Indian fitness apps where most of the apps focused either on exercise or on meal plans. But there was no app which could provide a wholesome approach to getting healthy.

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Client wanted to allow users to enter their statistics and get a complete picture of their current health and receive both meal plan and exercises to become more healthy. We built the app by splitting it in 3 modules. User’s Profile and statistics, Meal Plans and Exercise suggestions.

The flutter based fitness app had BMR index, graphical representation of ideal versus current weight, drink water reminders and a whole lot more.

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Since the app combined a lot of missing pieces in existing apps we had to integrate it with multiple third party API and flutter widgets. One such API was for getting meal recipe and calorie counts for each meal that was suggested by the app.

Key Features

  • User Profile building by asking questionnaire to understand their current health
  • BMR Calculator
  • Drink Water Reminder
  • BMI Calculator and graphs of Ideal vs Current
  • AI based Diet plan
  • Exercise plan and suggested videos
  • One-to-One chat with nutritionist
  • Recipe and Calorie counters
  • Premium subscription using In-app purchases thru Razor Pay to enable some features

Color Palette


“I had studied a lot about the current market trends for fitness app and had my feature list prepared. I approached many vendors to build the app for me but most of them were not confident. Innoventix Solutions helped me narrow my target audience and build a proper MVP and eventually the app to launch it to general public.”
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Avinash A

Co Founder

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