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Looking for news of Morbi City. This app will provide unbiased, simple, clear and local news of Morbi city , Gujarat and major highlights from across India. Morbi Mirror website and app team brings to you interesting and trending news articles after lot of research and verification. With a revolutionary idea to bring Morbi District to the map of Gujarat and allowing local businesses to enhance their presence at global level. Today, Morbi has become known and believed in the eyes of the world through its distinctive identity and historical image. The Morbi Mirror presented by Morbi Media Group Shanti Creation is constantly working impartially and fearlessly at the local level for the purpose. The first and only local free news portal for Morbi town people, which has started keeping pace with the times.


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Client had a WordPress news sites and wanted to build a app for the news site but not in WebView but in native view. We analyzed their current setup and it was basically articles being posted as news on the website. The problem was how to build the app using a WordPress site.

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We created API’s to pull category wise news articles from the WordPress site and show them on the mobile app. Since this was a read only app with no data being submitted to the server from the app the project turned out to be fairly easy to implement

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The most difficult aspect of this project was to create a flutter UI building layout. It took quite a few trial and errors to achieve this feature per block per project.

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  • Category wise post
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News travels at the speed of light with Morbi mirror, built similar app in Flutter?

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