How the New Power BI is More Beneficial for Business

How the new Power BI is more beneficial for business

Business in 2021 has taken a new turn & most of the businesses has come digital thereby; the need of visualizing the data into set charts & graphs has increased. Everyone wants to display the data in a clean & attractive manner; thus, the power BI provides the best data model in the industry. Therefore, many organizations use the Power BI service to make their work easy yet alluring.

No doubt still many people use Excel, but the power BI comes with something exceptional, be it:

  • Customizable Dashboard – Power BI dashboard is more interactive, visually appealing & customizable
  • Real-Time Information – a user can set automatic data to refresh to get it updated in real-time. It solves the issue & identifies the opportunity quickly.
  • Power BI tables, reports or data files are way more convenient than Excel
  • Power Bi is simple to use & more user friendly

There are several benefits a user or an organization avails from the Power BI, they are:

  • Power BI is best-known for its dashboards that a user can customize to fit the company’s requirements. It has an easy drag and drop option that a user can use to create a powerful business model.
  • Power BI gives you the advantage of cutting-edge AI. This feature helps prepare data easily even if you are not a data scientist, it helps build a machine learning model with an ease & it lets you structure the unstructured data, be it inserting the text or an image.
  • Poer BI comes with regular updates or on a monthly basis. The update includes the user’s feedback, suggestions of the Power BI community to improve its functionality so that you can make precise business decisions.

There are several versions of Power BI that people use as per their requirements & convenience, namely

Microsoft Power BI Free / Dekstop
Microsoft Power BI Pro
Microsoft Power BI Premium

But now, the new Power BI Report Builder has come with many attractive features to improve your report building experience. Also, it’s a plus for the users that this new Power BI is now available in the form of an application, so it has become more easy to use anywhere and on any screen. A user can also download the application on the device from the Microsoft store to keep your all data secured in this application.

New Data Tab

The new power BI enhances your work performance by delivering you improvements in designing & rendering your paginated reports. Besides the report building, the latest Power Bi has also worked on the data tab.

Here the users will get the brand new data tab with some exciting features. The new features allow you to easily connect with other popular data sources while creating your paginated reports.

Streamlined DAX

DAX is the next best feature of the new Power BI that is beneficial to your business is the Streamlined DAX (copy/paste). Many users enjoy using other tools or Power BI Desktop to generate DAX queries for creating a paginated report.

The new Power BI helps you speed up your report building because the new tab feature allows you to paste your DAX statement directly to the dataset without connecting with the model. Otherwise, in the previous Power BI, a user needs to connect to the model first to paste the DAX statement to the dataset & this procedure slows your report building.

Other Updates

The new Power BI is relatively low-priced & affordable for all types of businesses. Through its app, a user can also efficiently deploy and distribute the collection of purpose-built reports & dashboards to the particular group or the whole organization.

No matter how smooth & convenient the new Power BI features, we still know that users may find some issues to be resolved on time. Thus, the latest version has come up with some other updates like support for SSO, both SQL & Oracle data sources via the gateway of Power BI Enterprise. You can also refer to the documentation for the further details on data sources & techniques we support. Besides this, the new Power BI has also improved many accessibility functions & fixed several other bugs while releasing the latest update.


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