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Develop An App Like Uber in 2021

If you want to launch your taxi booking application in the ridesharing market, give it a second thought if you’re going to do it seriously?

Suppose you think you are serious about it. In that case, you should know that just knowing the model of application development & technology will not be enough to build an application just like Uber. And for this reason, you first need to analyse the whole ridesharing market thoroughly. Never hire the app or website developer to start the development procedure before doing the in-depth study of this project. If you do this, there are chances you fail on your project because it needs thorough research before you start.

These days in metro cities, people stuck in heavy traffic & parking space troubles them. And thereby ridesharing is one of the best ideas, such as Ola & Uber. Ridesharing has become a great relief to people in recent times as they rush to office & get late.

In recent times, the demand for personal cars has been increased; thus, it makes entrepreneurs think about generating an application like Uber to launch it in the city or worldwide.

Developing an application similar to Uber is not just about employing an excellent mobile app developer. In fact, if there is anything which makes Uber the best in the market, that is only its smooth functionality.

The business model of Uber includes five easy steps & keeps the process far efficient and straightforward. If you also want to generate a similar app, you first need to understand the above-mentioned simple steps:

  • Riding Request
  • Right Match
  • Board Ride
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review and Rating

These are some important steps you must look after when hiring a developer to generate a similar application for Android, iOS or any other platform.

Besides these important steps, you must look after some necessary features when generating a ridesharing app similar to Uber:


The second most important feature to build an Uber-like app is a smooth & secure payment gateway. It is important to provide an accurate cost estimation by evaluating all important factors, including the travel cost. And it should depend on the sort of cab you book (SUV, Sedan or Premium)

Account Registration:

The customer profile is one of the important features that help track the ride base. If the customer registers with some basic details, the process becomes straight & smooth. A user can simply register through any social media platform, email or contact number.


Through the notification feature, you will never lose your customer and always be in touch with them. Notification updates your customer with new ride packages, offers, occasional discounts. These push notifications remind people that you are still waiting to serve them at their comfort.


Geolocation/Routing & Direction – it is the success mantra of any ridesharing app. It is an essential feature based on a GPS system to book the ride with exact distance & proper route.

Pre Booking of Rides:

You can easily plan an outstation ride or a weekend trip without any tension because this pre-booking feature helps you book the ride in advance so that you can focus on other preparations.


The ride cancellation feature is the most important as many times, just after a user book a ride, they want to cancel the ride. This feature helps save money & time both for a user and a driver.

After these important features, you must be thinking of its cost, the look below to know further.

App development has no fixed cost; it varies with the various specifications required for the project. So if you consider all the important features and factors mentioned above to make your ridesharing app on demand in the market, then the estimated cost of your app would be between $55000 to $120,000. But this is not the fixed price as it differs from a company and the developer’s experience. Also, the entrepreneurs can take up the features that best fit their demand and budget to launch the Uber-like application.

Once you launch the app in the market, you need to upgrade it regularly with required add-on features to keep it user-friendly, just like Uber and Ola to match their level in the ridesharing market.


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