Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 is the market’s best comprehensive and stable cloud efficiency and collaboration platform. If the company only needs licenses and support or is preparing for a more complicated transition, our professionals are here to help. 

Microsoft 365 is a suite that can be used at any time and from any place, which facilitates
connectivity across the organization. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we make sure that you get the most out of Microsoft 365 by promoting the platform, driving engagement, and offering best practice advice.

Our Microsoft-certified professionals manage everything from installation to conversion and
preparation. Your workers will be able to safely and productively work through your company through an interconnected suite of tools such as Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, as well as networking capabilities accessible via Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) products.

We track your device 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with support desks available
around the clock to address the needs of your hardware, software, and end-users.

How we can help

Our Enterprise Collaboration practice focuses on implementing, adapting, and extending Microsoft 365 to create a new, efficient, and enjoyable workspace that is consistent with your business objectives.

Adopting and leveraging Office 365 entails something more than just transferring the email to the cloud. To ensure that customers follow the tools and technical teams will handle the new environment, a comprehensive approach that goes beyond technical implementation is required. This strategy must involve adoption and change management as well as organizational governance.


Our Office 365 offerings are intended to assist you in the following main areas in defining, designing, and effectively transitioning your organization:


Only Office 365 is a comprehensive collaboration solution that addresses the demands of multiple groups and allows for team collaboration across applications.


Office 365 allows mobile collaboration in a variety of scenarios from either business or personal computer while still protecting customers and organization data with built-in encryption.


In addition to Power BI and Excel, which have helpful visualizations and perspectives for all, Office 365 includes the Microsoft Graph, which uses artificial learning to infuse knowledge into each application, linking individuals and knowledge more quickly.


Office 365 is stable and compatible, manageable and expandable, and continuously updated regularly with ongoing cloud upgrades. Office 365 offers a financially backed SLA with 99.9% uptime, Fast Track perks, and a public roadmap’s openness and business contribution.

Managing many Applications

Using various downloaded programmers complicates downloading, handling access permissions, and determining how much bandwidth they need. This is made easier by SaaS software.

Examining licencing

To be cost-effective, licenses must be checked on a regular basis and changed when workers enter and leave a business. This is a difficult challenge that many people neglect to maintain appropriately.


Have detailed consulting on the functionality of the Office 365 suite, with the following tasks being prioritized:

  • Assuring a painless transition to the cloud, allowing you to reshape IT systems and restructure IT, workers.
  • Implementing an optimal range of Office 365 apps to enable the workers to take advantage of any aspect of their modern digital workspace.
  • Finding the correct balance between your configuration needs and Microsoft limitations will help you get a highly usable solution.
  • Enabling consistent security for the cloud solution, including company content, proprietary data, and employees’ skills and experience.
  • Considering market success from the planning stage to ensure that the solution or its specific characteristics are common and satisfy the needs of consumers.

Microsoft Office 365 Premier Support

Expert assistance is available anytime and wherever you need it.

Microsoft Office 365 – the enterprise productivity and communication suite that allows you to work in fresh, smarter, and more efficient ways – is a little challenging to handle. Since it was continuously changing, specialized skills, and devoted IT, resources are needed to develop, customize, distribute, problem resolution, and maintain constant changes.

And if you don’t, adjusting obstacles will prevent you from efficiently running and understanding the actual worth of your cloud investment.

Like your Microsoft 365 service backbone, Innoventix Solutions will assist you in overcoming key obstacles with a verified, multidisciplinary strategy to cloud-based support. In order for you to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment.

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