Microsoft 365 – vs – Office 365 What’s the difference? Which one to choose?

Microsoft 365 vs Office 365

A lot of my clients ask me what is the main difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Some even believe they are the same thing. So I decided to write this article to basically explain the difference and which one to choose for your business.

Let’s start with Office 365 since its been in the market for a longer time. So Office 365 is a cloud services platform with a familiar suite of apps that include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

On top of these basic office apps, it includes OneDrive for storage, MS Teams, Delve, Exchange, etc.

It all depends on your license type. Basically Office 365 is more for individuals, freelancers, and small teams. Find all office 365 plans comparison below

Now let’s talk about Microsoft 365 and how its different from Office 365. Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one bundle that not only includes Office 365 but also includes Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security.

This offering from Microsoft is targeted towards Medium and Large scale businesses who are looking for a complete bundle when it comes to workplace productivity.

It includes strong data security features on top of Windows 10 Pro and Office 365.

Thus organizations looking for easy setup can go for Microsoft 365 instead of Office 365.

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Microsoft 365 has a variety of Plans there is Microsoft 365 for Business, Microsoft 365 for Enterprise and Microsoft 365 for Education. You can find a comparison of the different plan at the link below

In a nutshell Office 365 is for individuals or smaller teams who want a smaller collaborative environment with all the apps under Office 365 to boost productivity. And Microsoft 365 is for bigger organizations and enterprises who are planning to move to Microsoft and want an easy to use All-in-One bundle for their organization’s setup.

Did I miss something?

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