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About the project

Edusupport App is designed to take schools and classrooms beyond boundaries, and it is important to start learning about the 21st century Virtual Classroom.
It is our responsibility as teachers to learn and become fluent with the new ways of teaching and learning. You may be wondering, “Where do I start? or if you are an expert.” With Edusupport App, you don’t need to worry. This flutter based education app will get the entire education experience be a fun ride that both students and teachers enjoy.


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Our client Mr. Efosa needed to help children’s in Nigeria with an app that eased the study method for both teacher and students and at the same time help them manage all educational activities using a virtual classroom. The problem here was Nigeria has limited internet speeds as most of the students and teachers do not have strong data signals. They also wanted single app which can manage all 3 roles of School Admin, Teacher and Student.

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Based on client needs we decided to go with Flutter as the development tool for this education app. We discussed the same with the client and client agreed as flutter helped speed up development of their app. It also helped our team build confidence building such a complex app in flutter. The backend was hosted on AWS to have ease of scaling if the app downloads increase drastically.

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The main challenge in development of the EduSupport educational flutter app was to have 3 roles in one single app which included Admin, Teacher and Students. Earlier in the development we had lot of bugs because of caching issues of the user roles but we eventually figured out and were able to deliver a incredible flutter educational app to the client.

Key Features

  • Student dashboard
  • Quiz module with Timer
  • Spelling Challenge module with Timer
  • Assignment module
  • Teacher Dashboard with switch ability to switch to different classroom
  • Admin ability to create teachers, students and classroom
  • Share class code for teacher and student
  • Teacher quiz, spelling challenge and assignment creation
  • Results dashboard
  • Top 5 for each activity
  • Announcements
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling of activities

Color Palette


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``I got connected with Innoventix Solutions on Freelancing Portal, when I was looking for a developer to work on my new virtual classroom application, EduSupport. Naturally, there was the skepticism working with an unrecommended company. But the experience has been positive and I recommend them for software application development``
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