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About the project

OneClickVisa was born to ease the visa application process for countries like Egypt, Turkey and Kenya. There were a lot of competition website providing the same service but none of them had the ease of use. We built OneclickVisa to ease the users pain for applying a visa to these countries. User friendly design and easy to understand navigation is the key for this project.


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Client needed a site for visa application to Kenya, Egypt and Turkey. They wanted the site to be one stop shop for eVisa to these destinations for European users. The main issue with their competitors was the process was not entirely online and easy to apply.

visa application site created in wordpress
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We provided them with great website that’s easy to understand and navigate. If some user is looking for e-Visa to a country out of Egypt, Turkey and Kenya, they can start a simple process and the Wizard navigation will walk them through the entire process. There are custom plugins installed on the site to provide the wizard functionality to the end user.

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Working on and changing a existing plugin is always challenging in WordPress framework. Here we had to modify some code of the existing plugin in order to achieve the desired functionality for the client.

Key Features

  • WordPress website with decent free theme
  • WooCommerce Setup
  • Custom Wizard plugin for forms
  • Free theme setup
  • Basic SEO

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“Thanks to Innoventix solutions to help us get the site live on time and achieve all the functionality needed to get OneClickVisa where it is right now. “

Marietta L.

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