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How to use Sharepoint Migration Tool

For a long time, SharePoint Migration has been a difficult task for all the SharePoint experts as it indeed requires a lot of arranging, evaluation and careful execution to guarantee that the information stays secure and it doesn’t get missed during the migration.

The SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) is a tool that migrates your file from SharePoint on-premises document libraries or regular file shares and effectively copies them to your SharePoint Online tenant. It is accessible to all Microsoft 365 clients.

The benefit of this tool is, it is Free, and you don’t need to be the worldwide administrator or a SharePoint admin in Office 365 to utilize SPMT ( SharePoint Migration Tool ) you need a SharePoint Online Site URL and that login details. It’s excessively straightforward, and Microsoft is working on making it better.

Alright, presently how about we jump a bit further and perceive how to utilize this tool and what are the features we get with this device that can assist with smoothing out the migration procedure.

How the SharePoint Migration Tool Works

The SharePoint Migration Tool validates to the goal resident after which you are incited for the source file location and destination SPO site combination where you need the records to be moved. After you present the migration jobs by choosing to Migrate, the examining, packaging, uploading, and bringing in steps are acted in equal over all the files provided for migration.

How to use the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool?

To install the present release download, go to  SharePoint Migration Tool.

Step 1:

Prompted for your Office 365 credentials, please go ahead and sign-in with your Office 365 username and password.

Step 2:

After successfully sign-in, you can check the three options, choose your first migration with the File Share.

Step 3:

Enter the source path of the file share where located, and then select Next.

Step 4:

Enter the URL of SharePoint Online site where you want your files migrated, and then select Next

Step 5:

Choose the document library to where your files will be copied, and then select Next.

Step 6:

The task has been added to the list. If you want to select another set of data files to migrate, select Add another source.

Step 7:

While you have completed selecting your sources, select Next.

Step 8:

Interpret your settings, and the select Migrate


In any case, before doing, please check and confirm that you have site collection access on both the source and destination. At last, you can create mass migration undertakings utilizing the CSV file option.

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