What is the difference between On-Premise and Cloud/office 365?

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What is the difference between On-Premise and Cloud/office 365?

In this article provide information about the difference between On-Premise and Cloud. The purpose of this article is to help to reader understood SharePoint and boost their knowledge of a SharePoint developer. The Purpose of this Article is to help to reader understand SharePoint and boost their knowledge from a beginner to that of a SharePoint developer.

The differences between the Cloud version of SharePoint (known as Office 365 to most) and On-Prem SharePoint are vast, which brings the question…

 On-Premise or the Cloud/Office 365?

As with most On-Premise vs. Cloud/Office 365 discussions, the most significant difference affects local IT resources (inclusive of software, hardware support and skill maintenance of support staff) vs. the convenience offered by cloud solutions. Cloud-hosted systems almost certainly provide better business continuity procedures than an on-premise solution. Other points to consider are:

On-Premise Solution Cloud/office 365 Solution
SP farm hosted locally SP farm resides within the Microsoft Data Centre Network
IT team responsible for farm, patching and change control MS host and patch the environment
On-premise AD is required MS SLA commits to 99.9% availability

A special note needs to be given to Office 365 licensing. With an on-premise solution, you’re able to differentiate between standard and enterprise licenses. With Office 365, this licensing isn’t so clear-cut.

The other way of difference between On-Premise and Office 365

SharePoint comes in two flavours: on-premise (on-prem) and Office 365. On-premise means that SharePoint is installed on the organization server which is in full control of the organization’s IT department.

Office 365 or cloud-based SharePoint means that SharePoint is hosted on some third-party server and you get access to the same as a service. Office 365 is a Microsoft subscription-based platform where you pay on a monthly basis to avail for the service.

So for learning SharePoint, we can use one of the above modes.

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