Where to Find Tech Talent and How to Retain Them

Where to Find Tech Talent and How to Retain Them

As an employer in the digital age, locating talented tech individuals and bringing them to your company should always be your number one priority. There are many sources to find talented professionals, but far too often recruiters rely upon colleges instead of other valuable sources. Despite this, tech talent is never too far from your company if you know where to look.

Finding talented individuals is only half the battle, though, as retaining them should also be extremely high on your to-do list. If your company hopes to survive the technological disruption that is set to occur in the coming years, it will take innovative employees who can set your company apart from all other competition. The first step, however, is building that workforce from a number of sources.

Partner With Trade Schools

Unlike a college or university, trade schools are a great location to source from when your company is looking for potential employees who have experience in the workforce. As reported, only 10% of the students at a trade school that was studied were in the age range of 18 to 21, the typical age of a college student.

This is due to the fact that trade schools are viewed as a solution for older members of the workforce who are looking to change up their careers. Trade school subjects are often based on technology and range from digital marketing to computer engineering immersion. Truthfully, anybody can tackle any career they desire if they choose to attend a trade school.

Another option that makes this so appealing to experienced employees is the ability to defer tuition. Schools such as General Assembly understand that people have bills and rent to pay, so they make tuition deferment an option. Combining this with a few other factors and it is easy to see how trade schools may be a useful place to source talent.

Source From Tech Bootcamps

An even quicker form of education than a trade school, yet one that provides talented gradates, is a tech bootcamp. Coding bootcamps are some of the most well-known, as they have popped up in high numbers within the last decade. Despite this, there are a large number of tech bootcamps for a wide range of tech-based fields.

For example, popular data science bootcamps have emerged in the last few years, which have made a field that used to require a master’s degree accessible to all. As with trade schools, those who choose to attend an institution such as this typically are older and looking to switch up their career.

Hiring from a bootcamp is a great strategy because of the quick turnaround they have with their graduates. Anyone of any age can walk away with an accredited degree in a matter of months and tackle any job related to that bootcamp with ease. If a quick funnel for talented individuals is what you are looking for, then bootcamps may be the best source for your company.

Understand Employee Demographics

Once you have found the employees that you want to make up your workforce and hired them, you will need to retain them. Overall, the workers of today are very different than even a few years ago. The majority of tech workers, despite the above statistics, are younger and demand different benefits, such as more paid time off and a better work-life balance.

Keep this in mind when building a benefits package. Filling that package with the wrong benefits will only lead to disgruntled employees who may leave you for the competition. Refer back to how your candidates answered questions regarding their passion and build a benefits package that aligns with those answers.

Knowing the demographics of your employees and their personal lives can go a long way in helping to connect with them and convince them to stay with your company in the long term.  


The future of work has never been so uncertain. Amidst the 2020 pandemic, millions have been laid off and tech-based jobs have begun to usurp traditional jobs. To survive in this changing workforce will require adaptation by companies and a willingness to evolve. However, you cannot do it alone and you will need a powerful and dynamic workforce that can help your company develop new innovations that will thrive in the coming future of work. Prepare for this by sourcing your employees from unique locations and keeping them with impactful benefits.

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