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Showcase your talent to the world Our vision is to create a platform with equal opportunity for all the upcoming artists to help them show their talent to the world. This is your stage, this is your moment.


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Our client wanted a video streaming platform, where they are able to create categories and challenges and the users can participate upload videos as per the category they want to participate in. After video completed in full screen mode, the client wanted that user should go back to previous page.

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According to client requirement we divided features indifferent modules. So it can be easy for client to upload a video for a particular category or challenge. Although client want app which is user friendly. The flutter based video app worked as per client requirement, where users can accept challenge and submit it.

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Main challenge in this project was to redirect user to previous page if the video completed in full screen mode. In IOS, when user share video the thumbnail of video is also need to be shared.

Key Features

  • Accept challenge
  • Upload challenge
  • User Dashboard with their uploaded videos
  • Follow other users
  • Like, share videos
  • Report videos
  • Search videos by filter
  • Show prizes category for users

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“Very impressive work. They give attention to details. Highly recommended for mobile app development.”
clients love us and the work we do

Paresh Udeshi


Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset. Be that effort with similar app.

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