7 Reasons Why You Should Use Power BI for Business Analytics

Power BI

The Microsoft Power BI is the most suitable business intelligence hub. It deals with the data visualization and the reporting services and products both in case of the teams and the individuals. The power BI stands out from the rest with the feature of streamlined publication along with the set of distributed capabilities. It can even cause integration with the rest of the Microsoft items and services. However, Microsoft Power BI is always a good option for the organization. Power BI is the business analytics options that will help you have proper data visualization and can even share the various insights from the point of the organization. 

7 Reasons for Choosing Power BI for Business Analytics 

Having a Quick Start

You can get the insights quickly with the uncomplicated setting. For the same there is no need to go through any training session and the incorporated dashboards for the variety of services like Google Analytics, Sales Force, and the quite popular Microsoft Dynamics. 

Real Time Data

The dashboards help in updating in the real time and the data is likely to be pushed or streamed in the process. This will help give the users the capability to solve the real time problems. It can even help in the identification of the quick opportunities of the same. The report and the dashboard can help in displaying and updating the potent visuals and the data. There are sources of streaming data and these can be social media sources, factory sensors, and it can even be the time-sensitive data which is sure to be collected and transported simultaneously. 

Customizing Security Features

In case of Microsoft Power BI the report developers can help in setting up the row level security or the RLS access filtering method that will help in making sure that the viewers will be able to see only the relevant data in time. This will help in mitigating the risk factor of people who can see the restricted data. 

Artificial Intelligence

The Power BI users can easily access the image recognition along with the text analytics to help create the various machine leaning portfolios and can cause integration with the process of Azure Machine Learning.

Streamlined Distribution and Publication

Rather than emailing the large amount of files and loading them on the shared drive, the analysts can readily upload the visualizations and reports to the exact Power BI service point. Here the data is rightly refreshed after the updating of the underlying dataset. 

Customization of Power BI App Navigation

The kind of app navigation option can deliver the report developers the perfect customizing navigation power to help the viewers have a quick content access and it also helps in understanding the relationship and the connection between the various dashboards and reports. 

Cortana Integrating Method

In most cases the power BI is sure to work in association with Microsoft digital assistant with the name of Cortana. The users can willingly ask questions verbally making use of the natural linguistic for the best accessing of the graphs and the charts. This is something specifically helpful for the users making use of the mobile devices. 

There are reasons why you would want to pass on to Power BI. The online Power BI service will include the Pro and even the Premium and things are available directly from the web browser. However, the Power BI desktop system is not applicable in case of Mac or Linux Operating systems. If you are based on the Mac-Only setting, the Microsoft Power BI Desktop is sure not be the correct option for you. One can make the right use of Microsoft Power BI for the right accessing of data and solutions for your best of advantage. 

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